Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

Hush. Hush.
Hey hey. hmm, nothing much to talk about myself.loves the Lord & Jesus. Simple with a cherry on top. :)
-That's me. Jennifer.

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

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I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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씨엔블루(CNBLUE) i'm a loner
Saturday, June 26, 2010 || 3:10 AM

checked some of the websites and ended up with these lyrics. :)

Oetoriya (x4)
Bwabwa nareul bwabwa ttokbaro nae du nuneul bwa
Geobwa imi neoneun ddan goseul bogo isseo
Check it one two three sigyebaneulman chyeoda boneun gae
Mal an haedo dareun saram saenggingeol ara
(Rap)Yojeum neon na anin dareun saramgwa mannami jatdeora
Ijeneun meonjeo jeonhwado geolji andeora
Narang isseul ttaeneun haruga 1chorado neon
Nae apeseo yojeum haneulman bodeora
Oh~ I know your mind imi neowa naui geori
Meoreojin geurigo beoreojin namboda motan uri sai
Oh baby
Oetoriya oetoriya Ddaribiriddaradu Oetoriya oetoriya Ddaribiriddaradu
Oetoriya oetoriya Sarange seulpeohago
Sarange nunmuljitneun oetori
Sad (x6) tonightGaseumi apa
Oh no no no no no body knows
Mam molla
One two three four five six seven night
Su manheun bameul
Seumyeo nareul dallaego isseo
(Rap)Charari dareun saram saenggyeotdagoNaega sirheumyeon sirtago
Charari soljikhage malhaejwotdamyeon
Nan neoreul jukdorok miwohajin anhasseul tende
Check it one two three ne mareul doesaegyeo bwado irijeori dulleodaeneun geojitmariya(Repeat)Sarangi gane sarangi ddeonane
Han sarameul geurigo han sarangeul
Naegeneun iksukhaetdeon modeun geotdeureulI bami gamyeon neol jiwoyagetji
Geurae na eokjirorado neoreul jiwoyagetji nal beorin neol saenggakhamyeon geuraeyagetji(Gone Gone my love is gone)Oetoriya oetoriyaDaridiridara duOetoriya oetoriyaDdaribiriddaraduOetoriya oetoriyaSarange apahagoSarangeul gidarineun oetori
Sad (x6) tonightKkum igil wonhae
Oh no no no no no body knows
Nal mollaOne two three four five six seven nightSu manheun bameul seumyeo nunmul heulligo isseo

blekk :P
Saturday, June 12, 2010 || 5:58 PM

haha. still can't get enough of the holidays. really,really had a great time. first, ka yan and jumun came for a sleepover at my house.(not exactly, jumun left around 10pm, and only ka yan stayed :P). we chatted until about 2 am. haha, still tired :P when we went to bangsar village, my mom got some dramas. i'm really crazy about " He's Beautiful " . Jung Yong Hwa, Fighting !!

finally over :P
Friday, June 4, 2010 || 6:02 PM

gosh. i can't believe that the exam is finally over. and the best part is, the two weeks holiday! :D
i've even planned a few activities for this holiday. it'll be seriously superb :)

Friday, April 30, 2010 || 5:50 PM

My thumb's aching because of a bug :P

|| 5:23 PM

projects, projects, more projects. *ugh* And the worst part is that it's all due on the same time! No choice, have to stay up late and hang on there :) No thanks to that, I was really busy for the few weeks. I'm really longing for the coming holidays :P Speaking of holidays, the mid term holiday will be about 2 weeks, and by then all the exams are over, so we can all finally rest ang have fun! :D Actually, these days I have been watching Glee(um, not always until the end), but I think that it's quite interesting. Even this picture just screams out Glee. :)

another day ;D
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 || 10:53 PM

omg. it's really, extremely hot these days!! normally when you wake up early in the morning, the wind should be cool, not hot ;p. okay. it was a normal day. we had to pass up our KH reka bentuk. and there was a bunch of folio to do. when i reached home, i went down to the cafeteria to order some food.( btw, the food there is amazing ;D)
Anyway, signing out..

Injection. :P
Saturday, March 27, 2010 || 8:57 PM

Alright. It's a Thursday. No biggie. Just like any day in my normal school life. We had our normal classes and everything's as usual. But this particular Thursday is different. The fifth period was actually English class. And we're suppose to do our oral. :P But just after the bell rang, a form five girl came in and asked us to go down. In the beginning I didn't understand what was going. I was like thinking,"Maybe it's just another boring lecture in the dk" But then I found out that we're actually going for an injection. OMG, I really couldn't believe it. I think the last time I had an injection was like in the fourth grade ( it was BCG, since I didn't get it in the first grade :P ).

I think I have some injection issues. But I just kept telling myself. " Alright, everythings ok. Don't panic." The funny thing is, everything went by so quickly. The next thing I remember is that everything's over. And I was holding a cotton wool on my arm. Felt a bit numb but it wasn't that bad. Just when I thought that it was ok, my arm was aching like mad. The soreness was like after running a 100 laps. OUCH!! Anyway, at least it's over :D